5 lb. Bag - Organic Whole Bean Ethiopian Coffee, San Vicente - RFA Fair Trade

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5 lb bag (2,267.95 grams)
Specialty-grade, roasted to a Belleair Roast, which is just below Full City Roast, and helps bring out the distinctive flavors of this wonderfully earthy and complex bean. Grind a little more finely for optimal extraction.
Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, dried fruit and plum
Full body and creamy texture with good balance and a floral finish 
Elevation: 1900-2100 meters 
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aramo is sourced from small coffee producers organized around the Kebel Aramo coffee mill, located in the Gedeo Zone of the Yirgacheffe district. The Gedeo Zone is named after the Gedeo people who are indigenous to this area. Ripe cherries, indigenous varietals, are delivered to the Kebel Aramo mill. Dried in the sun on drying beds for approx. 12-15 days.