12oz. bag (340.194 grams) Bag - Organic Whole Bean Colombian Coffee - Sierra Nevada Finca Buena Vista

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12oz. bag (340.194 grams)
Specialty-grade USDA Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified, roasted to a Belleair Roast, which is just below Full City Roast, and helps brings out the distinctive flavors of this wonderfully aromatic bean. Grind a little more finely for optimal extraction.
Tasting Notes: Brown sugar, cherry, almond
Full body and creamy texture with good balance and a lingering nutty finish 
Elevation: 1167-1423 meters  
Finca Buena Vista is owned by Eneil Bayona and is located in the village of Minca. Eneil loves to produce coffee; it’s been in his family as long as he can remember. It hasn’t always been easy though, and he’s worked hard to make sure his coffee is certified as Organic. He continually re-invests in production and improvement. Eneil is heavily involved in the region and works with neighboring producers to pilot new planting programs and test new varietals.