Belleair Coffee Company Announces Retail Partnership with Walmart

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Nitrogen Flushing Enables Game Changing Shift in Big Box Retail

Belleair Bluffs, FL— 10 Aug 2022Today at their Roastery in The Plaza at Belleair Bluffs, Belleair Coffee Company announced their highly sought after specialty grade, small batch roasted coffees will be available on the shelves of 46 Walmart locations in Florida in the greater Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Sarasota areas.
“We regard Belleair Coffee as the highest rated coffee roaster in the Tampa Bay area based on their loyal following and consistently great customer reviews,” said Laura DuBed, Co-Founder at the Coffee Collective. “We are honored to partner with Belleair Coffee Company in our effort to bring specialty coffee to the Walmart shelf.”

Specialty Grade Coffee and Nitrogen Flushing Improve Coffee Flavor

Belleair Coffee Company’s mission is sourcing the highest quality, sustainably farmed green beans available and roasting them with lighter, modern roast profiles to highlight the unique qualities of each of their offerings.
“We work exclusively with specialty grade coffee beans, which are scored in the field by licensed Q graders and account for only the top 3% of the global coffee yield,” said Chris Whalen, founder of Belleair Coffee Company. “When you source specialty grade coffee beans, you are assured that the coffee has been produced by people who put the most care and best practices in place to bring to market coffees that are grown at the proper elevations, in the right conditions, and are free from defects. The end result is a distinctive, delicious, and ethically produced cup of coffee.”
To retain the freshness of their roasted coffee beans, Belleair Coffee Company flushes nitrogen through the bags to displace oxygen. This process is called “Nitrogen Flushing” and preserves freshness in the product and prolongs shelf-life.
“This process means that a customer selecting a bag of Belleair Coffee beans off the shelf at their local Wal-Mart can count on the same level of taste and freshness as if they scooped the beans directly out of the roaster themselves,” said David McGurk, Partner at QuantumPak. “The difference in quality and freshness is remarkable.”

 Game Changing Shift in Big Box Retail

 Part of Belleair Coffee Company’s commitment to deliver excellence and sustainability in all aspects of coffee roasting includes working with forward thinking partners to help bring outstanding coffee to as many localities as possible. Belleair Coffee is available at their Belleair Bluffs location, 46 Walmarts, and online at
Founded in 2016, Belleair Coffee Company is a privately owned coffee roaster and retailer operating a flagship coffee house and roastery in Belleair Bluffs, Florida.
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