select green coffee beans

Let’s Begin with Specialty Grade Coffee

Belleair Coffee Company only roasts specialty grade coffee beans. So what is that?

Much like wine is rated on a 100 point scale, so is coffee. In fact, there are more tasting notes in coffee than there are in wine! To be considered Specialty Coffee, Arabica beans must be rated at least 80 points or higher by a Licensed Q Grader. This rating sets Specialty Coffee apart from other Arabica beans.

Bean defects like discolorations, dryness, fungus damage, presence of foreign matter, maturity, chips/cuts/breaks, hulls/husks, and insect damage all affect a bean’s rating and whether or not they can be eligible to be rated Specialty beans.

Specialty coffees have been grown at the perfect altitude, at the correct time of year, in the best soil, and then picked at just the right time and roasted to bring out the specific qualities in the bean. This translates into some of the most exciting and tasty coffee in the world.

Ideally, the coffee is brewed within 7-10 days of roasting, for optimal taste and freshness. The oil in coffee beans can go rancid if it is stored improperly or not used quickly. This greatly affects flavor as well, as does proper extraction methods.

The State of Our Art

Growing awareness of how farming techniques, production methods, and business practices impact natural environments, social networks and quality of life has changed how coffee is grown and harvested, how coffee beans are sourced, how products are packaged and transported, and even how fresh beans are treated or roasted.

Our goal is to adopt, encourage and advocate for these societally and environmentally beneficial changes, for reasons of sustainability and increased fairness, but also because they are in line with our mission to provide the most interesting and satisfying coffee possible.

This mission, and our passion, relies on sourcing only the highest-quality, ethically sourced green coffee beans and roasting with modern roast profiles in small batches for a truly artisanal coffee experience that fully expresses the distinctive origins and flavors of our coffees. As much as we can, we are dedicated to understanding and optimizing the entire lifecycle and journey of our coffees, from dirt to cup!