Did You Know That Coffee Is A Fruit?

Coffee PlantA coffee bean is a small, hard seed that is the fruit of the Coffea plant. The anatomy of a coffee bean consists of several layers:

Anatomy of a coffee beanThe outermost layer is called the exocarp, or the skin. It is thin and slightly bitter, and it protects the bean from insects and other pests.

The next layer is the mesocarp, or the pulp, which is sweet and has a texture similar to that of a grape. It provides nourishment to the coffee seed.

The endocarp, or parchment layer, is a thin, papery membrane that surrounds the seed. It is tightly attached to the seed and helps to protect it during drying and storage.

The silver skin, or spermoderm, is a thin, silvery layer that is tightly adhered to the bean. It is removed during the roasting process.

The coffee bean itself is actually the seed of the Coffea plant. It is a small, oval-shaped structure with a flat side and a rounded side. The flat side is the side that was attached to the parchment layer, while the rounded side is the opposite end.

Inside the coffee bean, there are two main parts: the embryo and the endosperm. The embryo is the part of the seed that will eventually grow into a new Coffea plant. The endosperm is the part of the seed that provides nourishment to the embryo as it grows. The endosperm also contains the caffeine and other compounds that give coffee its characteristic flavor and aroma.

Pictured above is a mural of the "Anatomy of a coffee bean" at our flagship location in Belleair Bluffs, Florida. Hand painted by local Creative Rob Carli.